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28 Nov

Smart Girls are Thankful!

We just wanted to take a moment and express our gratitude to all of you smart boys and girls who've made it possible for us to put glasses on animals and call it a business.  We're almost done with our first full calendar year and we've grown so much! Here are some of our milestones from 2014...

  • Added new animals to our Smart Family, including our sparkly Unicorn, sweet-faced Sloth, and pleased little Otter. 
  • Sporadic blogging!
  • Traveled around San Diego county to various street fairs and introduced ourselves to new Smart Fans.
  • Added photos of our cats to social networking sites.
  • Paid taxes like a real bizniz.


  • Created our very first Black Friday discount code: SMARTFRIDAY14

That code will get you 10% off any order over $20 through Monday. 

Thanks for everything!  We love you!

03 Oct

The Art of the Snack Bag

Snacks are a big deal in my family.  There is an appropriate snack for every occasion, and snacks make every event better.  Road trips (SweetTarts, Carrots, Popcorn). Camping (Donettes, Shelled Peanuts, Apples). Family gatherings (Guacamole, Tortilla Chips, Veggie Platters).  While we branched out over the years and some snacks evolved (some did noteven on camping trips now, 30+ years after my first ever car camping excursion, I still pack Donettes) snacks remain an important factor to any meet-up.  Yeah, I can be there Saturday…what are we eating?  So when it comes to Smart Girls working at Street Fairs, I’m in charge of the snack bag.  

The 2-day Adams Avenue Street Fair Snack Bag was assembled entirely at Trader Joe’s.  For any event over 6 hours, we highly recommend some sort of ice/chest cooler thing.  Tipyou don’t need ice.  If you have ice packs, you can throw them in with your cold stuff in a cooler bag and you’ll be good all day (trust us, we ate hummus stored this way for two days, and we’re fine, just be sure it spends its overnight back at your house in the fridge).  So the key to snack bag shopping is to pack: 1) some things you like, tried-and-true favorites 2) something that’s healthy (because after hours of snacks you’re going to feel slovenly, slushy, and glooby if you can’t get a carrot or an apple in there), and 3) something totally random that you may or may not like—call it the snack bag intrigue factor.  You can’t let your snack bag be boring.  

Vary your taste sensations and texturessalty, sweet, crunchy, mushy.  Even if you “aren’t a sweet person really” (then I don’t know if I can be friends with you), you’ll want something sweet over the course of your 15 hour day.  Think variety.  No matter how much you like Pringles, when you are on hour nine and your sixth Pringle flavor variant, you are going to want something else.  Another tipYou can never have too many snacks.  Never.  It’s impossible.  You can always take them home, take them to your big girl job, save them for your next outing.  So if your question is, do I really need carrots and plums?  The answer is probably yes.  Do I really need chocolate chip cookies and dark chocolate covered pretzels?  Yes.  Do I need gummy bears and gummy penguins?  Well, probably not, but hey, it’s your snack bag…so if you’re asking, the answer is probably yes.

When you see us at our street fair table we very well may be sitting in the back of our booth, cramming food into our faces.  This is food from a carefully concocted snack bag.  This past weekend you could find us eating carrots and hummus, snickerdoodles, dried mangoes, almond butter sandwiches, plums, bananas, caramel/cheddar popcorn, and garlic pita chips.  Other tip(s)Bring mints and stick napkins in your snack bag.   

At most events, there’s always going to be outside food sources and delicious snacks you come across organically.  We support enjoying these snacks as well, but with a well-crafted snack bag, there is no urgency to these snacks.  You don’t have to go searching hungry and cranky for food. Plus you won’t have to “resent-eat” any snacks.  Well I didn’t want this deep-fried turkey leg, but since I’m starving and it’s the shortest line here, fine.  Nothing kills a good day like a resent-eat snack.  In addition to our Adams Ave snack bag, Smart Girls came across and purchased: pizza, falafel, and soft serve.  One last tipYou cannot, no matter how quickly you think you can move through a pack of people, get soft serve back to your fellow Smart Girl 4 blocks away in 82 degree weather without getting ice cream on your shoes…but it will still be worth it.

So, when you see us at the next fair, feel free to ask us what’s in our snack bag! (But I probably won't share, I'm pretty territorial about my snacks.)

14 Sep

Is it Fall Yet? A Tale of Two Mauves

It's the middle of September, so you know what that means... Hot, muggy weather.  At least that's the case here in San Diego.  We've heard that other places in the world have these things called "seasons" and "sweater weather." In honor of these myths, we've decided to forgo summery hot pink, bright orange, and sparkly purple for our nails this week.  Instead, we'll be rocking some autumnal hotness.

So, what to do? Burnt orange? Silver gray? Leafy brown? NOPE! We're going mauve, like the genteel ladiez that we are.

Rather than stick to a single color, we went with two mauves, both created by Zoya.

Fingers! Normani

This very pretty color is nearly a taupe.  A good bit of lavender and gray, but with just enough red to keep it from looking brown.  Two coats did it for us.  No sparkle or shimmer in this polish, simply a straightforward solid with smooth coverage.

Toes! Charity

Charity is called a purple on the Zoya website, but this reads as more of a dusty rose to us.  The gold shimmer is subtle enough to keep it classy while adding a touch of oomph.  Again, two coats were plenty and the application was smooth and even.

Now that our nails are done, we're going to find some air conditioning so we can stop sweating. Here's a very cool cat in case you're hot, too:

We hope you have a lovely, productive week.  Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter if you get bored.

(By the way, it's super weird to put pictures of your toes on the internet.  SUPER weird.) 

(Also, we aren't sponsored in any way by Zoya, but we would totally take their money and/or free nail polish and/or an offer to create polishes inspired by the Smart Animals.  Smart Cat would love for you to adorn your toesies with her signature purple.)

06 Sep

A New Batch of Shirts!

Posted by Kristen Amicone

We're so excited! A new batch of shirts is done and ready to be picked up.  We can't WAIT to unveil the new designs.  We know you'll love them as much as we do. 

In the meantime, we'll be trying to decide how to paint our nails for Adams Ave (maybe Smart Cat purple? or Smart Bird blue?)  See you there on Sept. 27th and 28th!